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Before you purchase from my small business, take a look through my scent list.

I hope I don't spoil you for choice!



Cherry - "A fruity cherry fragrance supported by a sweet vanilla dry down."

Mango - "A fresh fruity mango accord with citrus notes of Florida orange along with subtle floral notes of jasmine and rose."

Strawberry- "A fresh mouthwatering strawberry fragrance with green hints on a sweet base of dry fruits."

Juicy orange - "A prominent scent of orange zest, lemon and ginger with an undertone of citrus sugar and orange flower. Followed by an aftertaste of sugarcane and pink pepper."

Apple - "A rich and juicy green apple fragrance, with subtle hints of pear, resting on a light musky base."

Blueberry & Vanilla - "A fruity blend dominated by blueberries and strawberries with powdery sweetness of vanilla."

Pumpkin - "Mouthwatering ripe pumpkin infused with hints of sweet cinnamon bark, tangy orange and tangerine peel warmed by a suggestion of vanilla and dry fruits."

Watermelon - "A prominent scent of watermelon, citron, lime and pink grapefruit with an undertone of orange blossom and cantaloupe. Followed by an aftertaste of vanilla and fruity musk."

Tropical- "Fragrant mango, a hint of passionfruit followed by pink grapefruit, melon and pineapple, a  light jasmine blossom and a background of raspberry sorbet."

Banana- "A fruity aroma with notes of soft banana and vanilla enhanced by green notes of banana skin"

Summer fruits- "A range of sweet fruits and berries to really get the senses going. The main notes of this fragrance are raspberry and strawberry. Enhanced by gentle citrus notes on a sugar-sweet vanilla base. "

Tutti Frutti -"A fruity fragrance composed of sweet candy notes of raspberry, strawberry and peach lifted by zesty citrus notes of lemon, lime and orange."

Raspberry- "A range of sweet fruits and berries to really get the senses going. The main notes of this fragrance are raspberry and strawberry. Enhanced by gentle citrus notes on a sugar-sweet vanilla base."

Mango & Passionfruit- 




Coconut - "a smooth vanilla accord with additional notes of coconut, leading into a heart of vanilla and tonka."

Lemon Sherbert - "A sweet confectionery accord of juicy lemon and lime and a splash of sweet orange and hints of red fruits, strawberry and raspberry followed by a fizzy tongue twisting sherbet."

Candy cane - "A festive peppermint fragrance with notes of sugar, peppermint and meringue."

Candy hearts - " A prominent scent of grapefruit and sweet lemon with undertones of mango manderin and tangy lime with an aftertaste of vanilla and crystalised sugar."

Toasted marshmallow - "A mouthwatering combination of soft marshmallow with notes of creamy strawberry and vanilla."

Candy floss - "A refreshing sparkling fougere fragrance opening with lemon, bergamot, lemon, mandarin and juniper lifted by cool marine notes supported by a sensual base of amber, musk and precious woods."

Chocolate chip cookie - "A sweet edible smelling accord of warm cookies and cocoa with nuances of nuts, biscuit and rich creamy vanilla." Hot apple pie - "A mouthwatering apple pie accord with nuances of cinnamon and cloves with a background of sweet vanilla, hints of coconut, tonka and warm amber."

Honey- "A rich honey fragrance rounded with rose otto, acacia and a hint of heather."

Caramel- " A soft toffee flavoured confectionary in a scent which provides a strong and prominent smell associated with sea salt and creamed butter. Followed by light undertones of caramel and toffee with an aftertaste of vanilla, maple and condensed milk."

Strawberry shortcake- "A mouth watering blend of strawberry with vanilla biscuit."

Strawberry & Vanilla - "A prominent scent of strawberry, sugar cane and lemon zest with an undertone of marshmallow and raspberry. Followed by an aftertaste of whipped vanilla sugar and clear musk."

Rhubarb & Custard - "A sweet confectionery accord of juicy rhubarb and vanilla custard."

Creme Brûlée - "A prominent scent of rum accord, orange zest and caramalised sugar with undertones of milky notes and caramel. Followed by vanilla bean, bourbon and cedar."

Creme brûlée & vanilla Cupcake - "A rich indulgent cupcake accord with notes of sweet icing intertwined with soft cake nuances, smooth vanilla and sugar."

White cocoa & Christmas cookies - "Reminiscent of a steaming white cocoa, combined with the warmth of delicious Christmas cookies straight from the oven, this fragrance combines sweet nuances of biscuits and nutty nuances. All of this is smoothed by creamy, delectable lashing of vanilla."

Salted bourbon buttercream - "A delectable gourmand creating where a dash of dark bourbon combines with rich fruity nuances. Hints of salted caramel, vanilla essence and sweet buttercream bring the fragrance to a close."

Gingerbread - "A rich accord of infused spicy ginger into a melange of vanilla cake."

Cinnamon Chocolate Chocolate orange - "A prominent scent of lemon zest, spun sugar and juicy orange with undertones of buttercream and vanilla bean. Followed by an aftertaste of Madagascar vanilla, benzoin, persian almond and cocoa."

Fudge - " A prominent scent of sugar crystals, bergamot and lemon zest with undertones of almond, cinnamon and tonka bean. Followed by an aftertaste of chocolate fudge accord, whipped vanilla, cacao and musk."

Cookie dough - "A rich mouthwatering milk cookie fragrance smoothed by vanilla pod and hints of creamy coconut, white chocolate and a whisper of fresh candyfloss."

Calpol - "Inspired by the childrens medicine, this fragrance is sure to bring back childhood memories."

Drum stick - "A rich cool raspberry fragrance smothered in strawberry jam with hints of vanilla."

Peach crumble - "The aroma of delicious freshly-baked peach crumble."

Passionfruit martini - "A rich fruity accord dominated by notes of freshly sliced passionfruit blended with softer notes of summer fruits."

Pina colada - "A mouthwatering accord with top notes of juicy pineapple with a heart of creamy coconut on a base of sweet vanilla and creamy musks."

Purple rain - "A fresh tropical cocktail with freshly squeezed grapefruits and cranberry juice lavished by crisp vodka on the rocks garnished by a slice of Mexican lime."

French vanilla - " A prominent scent of ylang ylang, violet leaves and orris with undertones of apricot, french vanilla, tonka and honey. Followed by an aftertaste odf sandalwood, jasmine and white musk."

Parma Violets - "A sweet green violet accord reminiscent of parma violet sweets."

Frosted candy apple - "Indulge the senses with this mouth watering candy apple accord where succulent top notes of red apple drift into a delightfully sweet, delectable heart of peach, laced with creamy swirls of caramel. All of this cushioned by a sumptuous fond of musk, a whisper of vanilla and a frosting of sugar."

Strawberry Bon Bon - " A prominent scent of lemon zest and spun sugar with undertones of strawberry, dusted cinnamon and milky notes. Followed by an aftertaste of soft vanilla and creamy musk."

Strawberry slush - "A sweet fruity strawberry fragrance with raspberries and crisp green apple."

Blue raspberry slush - "This fragrance captures the aroma of ripened raspberries, sugary cotton candy, and the effervescence of crushed ice."

Caramel vanilla latte - "A sumptuous accord with notes of caramel, coffee, vanilla and a hint of almond."

Cherry marshmallow - "A graceful fruity floral fragrance where fruity top notes of apple and cherry combine with a heart of jasmine and rose on a base of musks, amber and a hint of vanilla."

Black raspberry & vanilla - "A mouthwatering accord of ripe raspberry and vanilla pod smoothed by hints of lush apricots and sparkling lemon."

Blackcurrant & liquorice - "A delicious fruity accord of tart cranberry, juicy blackcurrant and raspberry smothering a liquorice and aniseed base."




Cookies & cream- "A sweet festive accord of white cocoa and warm cookies with notes of nuts, biscuits and rich creamy vanilla."

Suncream- "A tropical accord of pina colada with coconut and sweet spices modified with peach and a hint of raspberry."

Baby lotion- "A soft powdery floral fragrance with notes of rose, lily, Jasmin and heliotrope, resting on a base of smooth vanilla and gentle musks."

Vapour rub - "A fresh and strong eucalyptus fragrance with a slightly herbal and clean background with notes of thyme and menthol."

Christmas pudding - "A rich Christmas pudding with lashings of fruit, warmed with ginger, nutmeg and cardamom resting on a base of sweet vanilla."

Fresh linen - "A prominent scent of lemon zest, bergamot and citron with undertones of neroli, crisp lavender, lilac and cashmere. Followed by an aftertaste of sandalwood, light musk and ivory patchouli."

Sandalwood & vanilla - "A prominent scent of bergamot and freesia with undertones of lilac, clove and cedar wood. Followed by an aftertaste of vanilla bean, creamy sandalwood and white patchouli."

Jasmine - " A prominent scent of jasmine and orange zest with an undertone of bitter orange and Madagascar vanilla. Followed by an aftertaste of honey and musk notes."

Fresh cut grass- "A prominent scent of violet and narcissus with an undertone of water lily, field grass and osmanthus. Followed by an aftertaste of box tree, peony and cypress."

New car- "A new car fragrance with elements of leather and plastic with an unusual ylang quality."

Cocoa butter French lavender - " A prominent scent of bergamot and lavendar with undertones of clary sage, french lavendar and cinnamon leaf. Followed by an aftertaste of french vanilla, galbanum and rosewood."

Petrol- "A chemical fruity fragrance with notes of cherry almond and grape with hints of gasoline, amber and sweet sugar."

Christmas tree - "A warm spicy Christmas fragrance with top notes of pine needles supported by a middle note of clove, cinnamon and pimento resting on a base of fir balsam and precious woods."

Mulled wine - "A spicy mulled wine fragrance consisting of sweet berries, orange and peach warmed by ginger, cinnamon and bay resting on a vanilla base."

Ocean - "A prominent scent of fresh bergamot and orange zest with an undertone of marine notes, calone, lily of the valley and lilac. Followed by an aftertaste of exotic woods, sandalwood and tonka bean."

Cappuccino - "a prominent scent of coffee bean, coconut and white peach with undertones of milk notes, tonka and sprinkled cinnamon. Followed by an aftertaste of vanilla bean, musk and creamy amber."

Champagne & roses - "A prominent scent of freesia, pink grapefruit, bergamot and spun sugar with undertone of rose petals and white flowers. Followed by an aftertaste of oak, musk vanila and tonka bean."

Red Roses - "A prominent scent of lemon zest, plum, bergamot and crisp apple with an undertone of rose crystals, marine notes and ylang ylang. Followed by an aftertaste of nude musk and white sandalwood."

Toffee popcorn- "A sweet accord with notes of soft vanilla and creamy buttery popcorn."

Baby powder - "A classic baby type fragrance with an overall powdery feel, notes include geranium, rose and lilac, with a background of balsams, vanilla, tonka and musk."

Banana milkshake - "A stewed fruity banana accord with a sweet creamy vanilla sugary base."

Fruit loops - "A tropical fruity fragrance opening with citrus notes, bergamot, pineapple, peach, apple and red berries supported by coconut leading into a gentle floral heart of rose, violet and jasmine enhanced by soft herbs resting on a sweet vanilla and woods base."

Maple syrup - " A sweet maple syrup fragrance supported by gentle spices, vanilla and sugar."

Grape soda - "A fizzy fruity accord with sparkling alcoholic grape notes enhanced with nuances of crisp white apple, pear and peach skin." Woodsmoke & leather- "A rich warming accord with top notes of citrus and herbal on a heart of jasmine, tobacco, leather and a hint of raspberry supported by a base of cedarwood, musk, amber, smoky vetiver and moss."

Afternoon tea - "A novel scent of cream, cakes, red fruits and English tea." * dove- "A comforting floral with fresh aldehydic top notes accompanied by gentle floral notes of rose and jasmine. The base is composed of musk, moss, woods and a hint of sweet buttermilk."

Twilight woods - "Capturing the mysterious allure of moonlit woods, this rich oriental fragrance opens with a rush of bergamot, orange and lemon, enhanced by nuances of fresh lavender. The complex heart unveils nuances of olive flower, guaicwood and cedar, resting on a sophisticated fond of musk, amber, tonka and vanilla."

Pinky  sands - "A fruity floral fragrance introduces citrus sweet orange notes and a fruit medley of coconuts, strawberries, melons and bananas leading to a floral core of muguet, rose and jasmine scattered with clary sage and cloves. The base is enriched with sweet vanilla and sugar notes."

Sparkling snow - "A fresh festive herbal accord opening with crisp eucalyptus, citrus nuances and lush galbanum leading to a herbal heart of frosted pine cones alongside aromatic rosemary supported by a base of soft woods and sweet musk."

Caramelised Biscuit- "A sweet and spicy cookie fragrance with notes of lemon rind alongside warming notes of ginger, clove, cinnamon and nutmeg finished by a biscuity vanilla base and a sprinkling of icing sugar."

Iron brue- "A fruity cherry fragrance enlivened by raspberry and fizzy orange."

Summer breeze - "Inspired by the popular fabric conditioner. Wrapped in the scent of spring flowers and hints of natural patchouli and white cedar, you can look forward to a revitalising, uplifting scent that will leave you feeling invigorated and totally refreshed"

Ozzie big shampoo - "A fresh fruity floral fragrance with top notes of peach, orange and strawberry leading to a floral heart of jasmine, lily and gardenia and a base of musk and dry fruits."

Ozzie miracle moist shampoo - "A sweet fruity floral accord opening with confectionary notes of bubblegum, peach, orange and pear drop followed by jasmine and violet supported by a base of vanilla and coconut."

Healing Baby Cream - "The fragrance starts with top notes of lavender. The heart is floral with geranium and rose and it rests on a background of vanilla, tonka bean and musks."

Baby shampoo - "This soft baby fragrance opens with citrus notes of bergamot followed by clean powdery notes onto a floral heart of sweet ylang, soft jasmine flower, orchid, delicate lilac, lavender and rose. All on a soft base of patchouli, vanilla and musk."

Bedtime baby bath - "A rich powdery floral fragrance with rose, freesia, lilac, mimosa and lily of the valley leading to a caring base of powdery musk and dry flowers."

Comforter - "This sweet fruity accord opens with citrus nuances of lemon and orange followed by fruity notes of bubblegum, pear, apple, pineapple and raspberry onto a hint of spice and a base of sweet vanilla."

American cream - "This fragrance opens with notes of bergamot, petitgrain and a nuance of lavender followed by notes of orchid, orange blossom and jasmine all on a base of sweet creamy vanilla, warm precious woods, amber and sweet musk."

Exotic bloom - "Top; Blood Orange, Citrus Zest, Middle; Iris, Jasmine, Peony, Base; Cedar, Amber Saffron"

Spring awakening - "Fresh fruity green chypre with geranium, pear, ylang, jasmine, neroli, carnation, amber, musk, patchouli and tonka."

Yogg Golden Winter- "A fragrance that starts off with sweet caramel, buttery brown sugar and strawberry. The middle notes of ylang ylang and clove harmonize with delicate florals. Finally bottom notes of cotton candy, musk and warm vanilla"

Muscle therapy - "A spicy Oriental fragrance opening with citrus notes, galbanum and black pepper supported by a heart of gentle florals with hints of eucalyptus and rosemary on a base of warming spices, precious woods, amber and musk."

Rose wonderland - "Top; Violet Leaf, Orange Peel, Saffron, Middle; Rose, Green Stems, Rose Water, Base; Amber, Precious Woods, White Musk "

Ruby jasmine - "A floral chypre with notes of neroli, lemon, pineapple and peach leading to a floral heart of jasmine, muguet, ylang and rose on a heart of patchouli and sandal."

Fizzy Vimmto- "A fruity scent with rich berries and juicy treats, candied notes of strawberry and raspberry.  Softer tones of sweet grape, peach and pear. To close, a creamy vanilla with delicious caramel."

Nutty Ella - "A nutty accord blending sweet milk chocolate and warm hazelnuts on a soft base of rich vanilla and shea."




Si - "an oriental accord opening with cassis, bergamot, mandarin and green notes leading to a heart of freesia, may rose, jasmine, lily and heliotrope supported by patchouli, cedarwood, sandalwood, amber, sugar and vanilla in the base."

Life Is Beautiful - "Concrete of Iris Pallida, Jasmin Sambac Absolute, Orange Blossom Absolute, Patchouli Essence… Lain on a bed of fine delicacies."

Olympean - "fresh oriental fragrance based on a sensual salty-vanilla accord for a sexy and divine trail."

Dark  Opium - "An addictive gourmand floral with notes of black coffee, white florals and vanilla for sweetness and sensuality."

Alien Invasion - "A rich floral woody amber fragrance containing jasmine sambac, cashmeran wood and white amber it is a fragrance whose magic trails awakens your emotions."

Number  5- " Bergamot and chamomile, mid notes of ylang ylang, clove, jasmine and geranium, and a strong base of oakmoss, musk, patchouli and white cedar. "

Miss Million - "white fresh notes -that spill over into dangerous patchouoli. A fresh, floral transparent interpretation of the original fragrance."

Shine Bright - "Inspired by the perfume a floral, oriental scent. Notes of patchouli and freesia are couple with a base of amber and sweet vanilla. A timeless fragrance."

Angel - "Inspired by the perfume this is a luxurious, chic and timeless fragrance. An oriental Gourmand, a delicious blend of Exotic Fruits, Caramel and Honey combined with the captivating power of Patchouli & Vanilla."

Flower Explosion - "Inspired by the perfume. This scent explodes into a bouquet of sensations with its addictive floral notes, with harmonious sparkling top notes of mandarin and orange, middle notes of Sambac jasmine with a hint of orange tree, Catleya orchid, freesia and Centifolia rose and a woody base note of Patchouli."

Guilty For Her- "Inspired by the perfume this fragrance is defined by an accord of geranium, commonly used in men’s scents. Intimate and magical Lilac flower laced with amber."

Jchu- "A fruity chypre with green top notes including apple and freesia, pear and plum on a floral heart of jasmine and orchid with a woody musky vanillic fond. "

Snow Angel - "A fresh, uplifting bubble gummy scent."

C Aventus Her - "Inspired by the perfume this fragrance is opulent and sensual, this fruity floral scent opens with accords of crisp green apple blended with fragrant pink pepper and sparkling Calabrian bergamot."

Coco Madam- "A chypre accord opening with bergamot, lemon, lime, orange, green leaf, apple, plum, cassis and galbanum leading to a heart of jasmine, rose, lily, freesia, violet and gardenia with marine hints on a rich base of patchouli, sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, vanilla, tonka and musks."

Aura - "A strong floriental fragrance opening inspired by the perfume, with fresh bergamot introducing a heart of vetiver, rhubarb leaf, green notes and heady floral bouquet of jasmine, orange blossom and rose leaving a sweet woody trail of vanilla pods, patchouli and creamy musks."

Bombshell- "A fruity floral fragrance with red apple, tangerine, strawberry and passionfruit, cool floral aldehydes leading to a heart of jasmine, muguet, peony, vanilla orchid and red berries all resting on a base of woods and musk."

I adore - "A modern sophisticated floral with top notes of champaka flower, mandarin and ivy leading onto a heart of jasmine, rose, violet and exotic orchid. The base notes consist of wild plum and blackberry musk."

Joy- "A juicy citrus top note of bergamot, mandarin and lemon with hints of cassis, ylang and coriander leading with, jasmine, lily and freesia resting on a base of musk, vertivert, sandalwood, patchouli, balsamic notes and dry fruit."

Miss D- "A classic feminine chypre with top notes of gardenia, lemon, bergamot and ylang with middle notes of rose, jasmine and muguet resting on a base of amber, oakmoss, leather, patchouli, sandalwood and animal notes."

Classique- "An Oriental amber accord opening with fruity top notes followed by a floral bouquet heart warmed by ginger and cinnamon resting on a sweet woody, musky base."

Great Girl- "A sumptuous floral Oriental where top notes of rose, peach and apple refreshed by a drop of bergamot rest upon full blooming tuberose, jasmine and magnolia supported by rich woods, elegant ambers, vanilla and velvet musk."

Decadent- "An Oriental floral with top notes of bergamot, plum and iris, a heart of rose, jasmine, ylang and orris and a base of amber, vetiver, woody, musk and vanilla."

The One- "A floriental fragrance with top notes of mandarin, bergamot and fruits. Followed by jasmine, muguet and plum supported by a musky base enriched with amber and vetiver."

Bonne Bonne- "With fruity top notes of mandarin, orange and  black currant "

Scandal - "A warm intoxicating fragrance opening with fresh citrus juicy notes, green mandarin sprinkled with peach and coconut leading to a contrasting heart of gardenia, ylang ylang and jasmine finishing with an indulgent gourmand trail of golden honey, sweet vanilla and amber with patchouli notes rounded with powdery musks."

Ary- "This sweet fruity floral fragrance opens with notes of citrus grapefruit, fruity raspberry and pear followed by a floral heart of lily of the valley, vanilla, orchid and rose all resting on a base of sweet marshmallows, vanilla, woods and musk."

Sweet Like Candies - "A sweet fruity floral accord opening with bergamot, raspberry and frosted blackberry followed by a heart of cassis, jasmine, frangipani, whipped cream and marshmallows all on a base of vanilla, candy, sugar and precious woods."

Just Seduction- "A fruity floral accord with bergamot and orange combined with green apple, melon, peach, strawberry, plum and pineapple leading into a delicate floral heart of jasmine and lily on a musk base."

Coconut Passion- "A sensual blend of vanilla, coconut and lily-of-the-valley."

Khloe - "A luxurious floral fragrance with top notes of ylang ylang and galbanum, a heart of tuberose and jasmine and a background of powdery musk."

Flash- "A rich white floral accord opening with bergamot, tangerine, pink pepper and strawberry supported by a heart of jasmine, tuberose, white lily and rose resting on a base of blonde woods, vanilla, amber and musk."

Royal leather - "A herbal spicy woody fougere with soft powdery floral notes."

Malibu beach - "A sweet musky accord opening with powdery nuances and fruity hints followed by jasmine and heliotrope resting on a base of amber, sandalwood, vanilla and rich musk."

Bamboo- "A sparkling floral fragrance with bergamot sweetened by mandarin. Lily and ylang supported by a rich sandalwood base with sweet Madagascan vanilla and warm amber."

Fantasize- "A powdery fruity fragrance with delicate citrus notes, hints of fruity melon and peach enhanced with jasmine, white lily, creamy notes of vanilla, musks, cedar, sandal and warm amber."

Lovvers Dose- "A woody Oriental accord opening with notes of lemon, anise and raisin on a floral heart of jasmine and muguet resting on a fond of ambergris, sandalwood, vanilla and musk."

Proud Candy - "An Oriental woody gourmand accord with notes of orris, jasmine and heliotrope with hints of peachy fruit on a base of sandalwood, cedarwood, amber, caramel, benzoin, vanilla and musks."

Velvet Orchid - "A floriental concoction where shimmering top notes of mandarin and bergamot combine with wild pepper, olibanum and dark rum. A mesmerising heart of black orchid, Moroccan rose, jasmine and orange blossom enriched by ginger rests upon a resinous medley of labdanum, myrrh, Peru balsam and benzoin blended with sandalwood, patchouli, amber, vanilla and musks."

Soap Pink Spray- "Top notes of peppermint and lavender, heart of spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium and a base of sensual amber and musk. "

Daisy Chain- "Inspired by the perfume a radiant and enhancing, like a sparkling floral bouquet – spirited and fresh, wrapped in comfort and warmth."

Coco O - "Inspired by the perfume this is an elegant Oriental perfume with spicy floral notes of rose and jasmine enhanced with patchouli, clove, tonka, sandal, amber, vanilla and powdery musk."




Fahrenheit - "A fresh floral blended with woods and musk features violet and leather accents enhanced with Bourbon vanilla absolute. The irresistible appeal of a unique fragrance heightened by precious ingredients."

Lost Cherry- "Top notes of cherry, liquer and almond, sweet and fragrant mids all sittign beutifully on a balanced base of woody notes, this is a deep and rich fragrance with new appeal throughout the scent throw."

Black Orchid - "A blend of Black Truffle and Ylang mingled with fresh Bergamot and delectable Blackcurrant."

Ombré leather - " a rich sensual typre fragrance with suede fused with precious woods of sandalwood, patchouli, velvet and amber. These are harmonised with violet, regal iris, musk and jasmine."

Fierce- "A woody amber fragrance opening with a herbal citrus top note supported by a floral herbal body of rose, geranium, muguet and lavender leading to a rich woody amber base with sandal, musk, tonka and moss."

Bosse- "Citrus bergamot with notes of basil, hints of fruity green and a subtle ozonic freshness layered with intense musk, soft amberwoods and cedar, jasmine, white lily and sweet vanilla."

Savage- "A cool crisp bergamot and mandarin with geranium petals, olibanum oil, fresh lavender sprigs, patchouli, moss and warm nuances of amber and musks."

Joup- "An Oriental cinnamon accord with notes of sandalwood, tonka, vanilla and sweet musks."

Diamonds Him- "With top notes of bergamot, sichuan pepper and heart notes of cedarwood, cocoa bean and benzoin sumatra. Followed by vetiver, oak moss, gaiac wood and ambrox."

CK1 - "A fresh and modern chypre accord with notes of aldehydes, bergamot, lemon and lavender next to warmer notes of nutmeg, carnation and soft moss."

Invictors- "Afresh grapefruit and a marine accord that lead to the heart of aromatic bay leaf and Hedione jasmine and a woody base of guaiac wood, patchouli, oak moss and ambergris."

K Aventus Him- " A prominent scent of lemon peel, wild mint and crisp eucalyptus with undertones of rosemary, cyclamen, geranium and muguet. Followed by an undertones of amber, white sandalwood, oakmoss and patchoulli."

Milllionaire- "aromatic blend has top notes of grapefruit, blood orange and rose, spiced with cinnamon and mint. Mingling with the soft white woods are patchouli, amber and leather, creating this masculine fragrance."

Blue- "A dark fragrance with herbaceous top notes of lavender, basil, cypress and chamomile freshened with grapefruit, lemon and bergamot resting on an intense woody accord of patchouli, vetiver, sandal, musk, amber and cedarwood."

Code- "A rich Oriental fragrance of bergamot, lemon and hints of lavender followed by a heart of olive flower, heart wood and cedar resting on a  base of musk, amber, tonka beans and vanilla."

Cool Water- "Top notes of peppermint and lavender, heart of spicy coriander, jasmine, oak moss and geranium and a base of sensual amber and musk. "

Africa -"A rich woody fougere fragrance with fresh top notes of mandarin and bergamot giving way to an aromatic heart with herbal notes of basil, clary sage, geranium and rose. Vanilla and warm musk make up the woody base."

The Male- "A masculine Oriental accord opening with bergamot, lemon and orangeblossom followed by jasmine, violet and lily warmed with coumarin resting on a base of woods, amber, patchouli and vanilla."

Bravest- "An Oriental woody fragrance opening with citrus notes of bergamot, lemon, grapefruit, lime, mandarin combined with lavender, fennel, galbanum, green leaf, green violet, apple, melon and cassis leading to a floral heart of jasmine, freesia, rose, violet and lily with fresh marine hints on a rich woody base of sandalwood, cedarwood, vertiver, patchouli, amber, labdanum, styrax, tonka, vanilla, moss and musks."

Strongest With You- "A warm ambery Oriental scent with bergamot, grapefruit, lavender, elemi and amyris.  A blend of rose, violet, jasmine, apple, pineapple, melon, clove and sugar.  At the base, vanilla, patchouli, amber, sandalwood, cedarwood, guaiacwood and musk."




Honey & Vanilla

Strawberries & Cream - "A fruity fragrance of juicy green ripe strawberries sprinkled in caster sugar and covered in fresh double cream."

Oceanic Rain & Cypress - "Like salty ocean rain on the skin, be immersed in an ozonic wave enhanced by a coastal breeze of cypress and lush green hints. The marine floral heart reveals delicate hints of water lily, rose and jasmine, resting on a bed of driftwood and amber."

Sparkling Rain & Lotus Raspberry Ripple - "A rich dry raspberry fragrance with a raspberry ripple ice cream hint followed by a creamy vanilla base."

Cherry Kisses & Strawberry Hearts - "A sugary sweet fragrance bursting with juicy, ripe strawberries and lush cherries. All of this wrapped in notes of candy and fresh vanilla."

Palm Garden - "The aroma of palm and green tropical leaves with sweet and floral notes. A rich scent that is deep enough to really make you feel you can see the palm trees and feel the gentle tropical breeze as it brushes your skin."

Sea Breeze - "A refreshing marine fragrance with cool ozone and hints of gentle floral notes."

Crimson Cranberry Sparkler - "A sparkling fruit cocktail where ripe red cranberries and sweet raspberries are muddled with zesty lime leaves. The heart is a mix of peach, jasmine and rose, layered on a base of musk, tonka, vanilla and caramel."

Coconut Water & Raspberry - "A sumptuous fruity accord opening with top notes of refreshing coconut water enhanced by juicy ripe raspberry and summer peach. The floral heart of violet and neroli reaches into a sweet fond of vanilla."

Gin & Tonic - "A heady accord of lemon peel, juniper berries and fantasy spirituous notes with a light fruity floral background."

Freshly Baked Bread - "A sweet tasty bread fragrance."

Crystal Clean - "A delicate ozonic floral fragrance opening with refreshing citrus nuances, cool marine and green notes and a touch of marigold. All this is supported by a floral heart of freesia, water lily, osmanthus, jasmine and rose, resting on a base of musk, precious woods and dry fruits."

Rainbow Drops- "A fun fruity fragrance with blackcurrant, raspberry and grape resting on a base of musk and dry fruit."

Coconut Water & Hibiscus - "A fresh, tropical fruity floral fragrance where top notes of apple, watermelon and guava are en wrapped in a heart of coconut water, pineapple, hibiscus and jasmine. All this is cooled by a rush of ozonoic notes, resting on a fond of sandalwood, cedarwood and musk."

Sage & Sea Salt - "A sophisticated aromatic fragrance with delicate sage and grapefruit enriched by hints of bergamot and tangerine leading to an invigorating heart of fresh ozone, cool cotton breeze and soft florals smoothed by shades of musk, ambergris and clearwood."

Our wax melts simply smell similar to the perfume/ aftershave. Name trademarks and copyrights are properties of their respective manufacturers and/or designers. These versions are NOT to be confused with the originals and we have no affiliation with the manufacturer/designer. These fragrances are not to mislead, confuse the customer or infringe on the manufacturers/designers name and valuable trademark.

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