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This large mystery box comes as a surprise mystery of items from Nastassja’s Little Luxury’s. All you have to do is choose which priced box you would like and we’ll sort out the rest!

Mystery box could include:

Different size, scent and shaped wax melts

Car diffuser



Turtle box

Small mystery bag

Medium mystery box

Small/ medium/ large box of mix shape wax melts.

Please be advised this is a surprise mystery box. Therefore, you do not choose what goes into the box. The items are chosen at random by us all to the price of your selected box.

The more you spend, the more you receive. Please be advised, the images provided are of boxes that we have done in the past and at different prices. (Some of these images are of boxes that are priced at £35/£40, we have used these images so you can see the variety of products that can go inside).

Large Mystery Box

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