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Bought a new car? Or the car you do have smells of that burger and fries you just demolished? I got you.


These diffusers are perfect for bringing in a fresh smell. We offer them in a range of scents and colours to choose from. Personally, we love an aftershave one but trust me they are all gorgeous. These diffusers don't have to be used in cars, feel free to hang them in your home to release a fresh scent in any room.

Car Diffuser

£7.00 Regular Price
£2.50Sale Price
  • When you receive the diffuser, unscrew the lid and remove the stopper. Simply screw the lid back on, carefully tip the bottle upside down (around 8 seconds) allowing the wood to absorb the fragrance oil, then hang upright wherever you like.

  • Buy any 3 car diffusers and get one FREE. Enter 'CARDIFFUSER' at cheackout to get your 4th car diffuser free. (Does not have to be 3 of the same , you can mix and match)

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