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You asked and we listened…

We are excited to introduce our new decorative candle range. These candles are perfect for home decor and spicing up your room.

We do recommend that these candles are used for decorative purposes only. However, if you do choose to light your candle, please make sure to burn them on a even, fire resistant surface to avoid the wax spilling over your table. Keep your candles away from direct sunlight or heat sauces as they can melt your candles and they might lose shape. Only burn them within sight and never left unattended.

Burning time is 35-45 minutes depending on the care of the candle. 6.8cm x 8cm.

Our candles are hand poured and not mass produced so some small imperfections could appear.

Sometimes candles may develop frosting which is a natural affect in soy wax. This appears because the wax is trying to return back to its natural form and as a result, begins to crystallise. Please be assured, it does not affect the performance of the candle or scent in anyway, it just means that your candle is 100% natural.

Candle will lose shape as it burns. However, you can take the excess wax and put it into your burner as a wax melt!

Skull Candle

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